Electronic Press Kit

Press and media

FSHN Magazine

Celebrity Feature - Chris Pang

Print - Beauty Edition, 2016

Australia China Business Circle Magazine

Chris Pang 吴育刚

Print - Mar edition, 2016

Regard Magazine

10 Things - Chris Pang

Website - Feb 24th, 2016

BBSToday (知天下)

Introducing CTHD2's Flying Blade actor Chris Pang (Translated from Chinese)

Website - Feb 23rd, 2016

Heed Magazine

Newcomer Chris Pang – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Website - January 19th, 2016


Shustring Magazine

Chris Pang - Talks culture, martial arts & acting

Print - January edition, 2016

Impact Magazine

Chris Pang Hero of Tomorrow

Print - April Issue, 2011

Peril Magazine

Q&A - Chris Pang

Website - Mar 9th, 2012

Daily Telegraph

No pang of regret

Print - Sep 14th, 2010

Who Weekly 

The stars of tomorrow

Print - Sep 6th weekly issue 2010

TV Week

War Stories

Print - Aug 28th Weekly Issue, 2010

BinHai Daily (精品滨海)

Chris Pang - Understanding Chinese Culture (Translated from Chinese)

Print - Apr 9th, 2009